Do you want to get master card in Nepal for free? If it is payoneer is best option for you. The head office of Payoneer lies on New York, United states. By using master card from Payoneer you can make local as well as international transaction easily.

What are advantages of having master card?

Having a master card is great solution for online entrepreneur in the country like Nepal where there are no other option to make international payment. We have listed some major advantage of having a master card.

  1. You don’t need bank account to create it.
  2. You can withdraw money from any local ATM near you.
  3. Almost all the companies where Nepalese likely to deal accepts master card.
  4. No transaction fee to send money.
  5. Globally accepted, more than 200 countries.
  6. Payments can be delivered in very short time.
  7. Strict security rules and regulation which makes transaction more secure.
  8. You can pay for Netflix , facebook boost, google adword etc.

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How to get master card in Nepal for free?

In past years ordering a master card from Nepal is not a great deal. But from 2019 Payoneer change the rule as a result you can only order master card once you make transaction of 30$. It is quite tough work for Nepalese people to deposit and use 30$.

So, now I will show you STEP by STEP guide to order master card from Nepal for free.

STEP 1: Go to , create an account there and sign in.

STEP 2: Go to settings and find option of payout.

//You will see different option for payout there

STEP 3: Click on Payoneer master card.

// this will redirect you to sign up page of payoneer

STEP 4: Enter all of your details correctly including citizenship number or driving license number.

STEP 5: After this you will receive email confirmation link. Verify email by clicking that link.

STEP 6: Within few minutes you will receive email showing either your account get approved or not.

// If your account is approved you will get master card within 20 days. After this contact in Post office. Else your account is disapproved they will ask for national id proof

STEP 7: Upload front and back photo of your citizenship or driving license.

Note: You must be at least 18 years old. If you are not 18 years old you can use details of senior family members. Don’t be smart by entering high value of date of birth as you have to submit id proof after signing up.

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If you don’t want to follow all this process then don’t worry I will do everything for you for free. Just email me at

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