Pubg mobile has ruled the mobile battle royale for a long time. In a span of year, Pubg mobile is more popular as we can see YouTuber’s with dedicated youtube channel, massive tournament and more. Just when pubg would skyrocketing, Activision drops a bomb name Call of Duty Mobile which is world renowned franchise on mobile platform.

Judging the best among the two best battle royale game is quite tough job. So, in this article we present different similarities and differences between these two games.

• Graphics

The graphics performance largely depend s on the hardware that your smartphone packs. The call of duty mobile provides much realistic experience, better and much detailed map. In the game, when you enter house or overcoming obstacles, it feels much closer to real world. In terms of graphics call of duty mobile is one step forward than PUBG mobile.

• Gameplay

Both PUBG mobile and Call of Duty Mobile offers TPP ( third person perspective ) and FPP ( first person perspective) game mode. On the control side, call of duty offers two shooting modes supporting beginners whereas pubg only supports only single shooting mode.

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• Game modes

Call of Duty Mobile offers bunch of game play modes like Team deathmatch, free for all, search and destroy, domination etc. While PUBG mobile was released with only battle royale. After certain updates PUBG mobile introduces TDM, zombie mode, to engage players in exciting way. But those mode couldn’t get fame as the modes of COD.

• Weapon and vehicles

Weapons collection is almost same for both PUBG mobile and Call of Duty Mobile. But call of duty offers extra choice here for RPG and drone lovers. Ground vehicles are also almost but call of duty mobile included helicopter.

• Maps

Activision team has picked some favourite map from call of duty and added them in call of duty mobile. You will be able to play on maps like crash, Cross fire, Hijacked , Killhouse, Nuke town etc. On PUBG side you will get only 4 maps including Erangel, Miramar, Vikendi and Sanhok.


Pubg mobile is an excellent battle royale game, but call of duty mobile offers improved graphics and more fun. The visual effects, the maps are detailed, the games are more realistic, the characters are iconic and have more personality in them.

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