Players unknown battle ground mobile is most loved battle royal game. It is particularly noted for its excellent functionality and optimization for all the smartphones and tablets. The goal of the game is to survive in the battleground without being killed. The last one to survive will win the game and get chicken dinner. After the recent updates PUBG mobile is more  laggy in phones with RAM less than 3GB.  If your phone do not support PUBG mobile or you it lags on your phone, then you may consider playing other games like PUBG. In this article, we will talk about Top 5 games like PUBG mobile which will give you same experience as playing PUBG mobile.

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List of Top 5 games like PUBG mobile

1. Free Fire

Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royal game after PUBG mobile. It is more popular due to its less storage and support in most of android devices. Game play is almost same as like in PUBG Mobile. There are 50 players in the battle ground, one can collect guns, ammnos, bag pack, helmet, vest and last one to survive will win the game. You will get  “Boyah” if you win the game. The only downside of this game is poor graphics. Its size is only 404 Mb and you can download it from playstore for free.


2. Rules of Survival

If you are looking for frantic and tactical action game on your mobile phone, then you must try Rules Of Survival. Rule of Survival bring this PC game in mobile space just like PUBG mobile. In this game you have to face upto 120 opponents in intense fight. There are three options for gameplay , you can play solo, duo and squad.

3. Hopeless Land

It is also one of the most popular survival game with more than 10 million players. The size of this game is quite less than the size of PUBG mobile. You can easily play it on a phone having 2 GB RAM without lagging. And you can download this game for free in both IOS and android devices.

4. Call of Duty Mobile

Call of duty Mobile is also another pop[ular battle royale game that may takeover PUBG mobile. There is huge competition between these two games. Call of Duty mobile is trending because there are many game modes to play, smooth gameplay and high quality graphics. It is also less in size than PUBG mobile. Gameplay is almost same like PUBG Mobile. This game have millions of player around the world and can be downloaded form playstore for free.


5. PUBG mobile Lite

It is lite version of PUBG mobile. In this game you have to compete with 60 players to get a chicken dinner. You can play this game in phone having 2 GB RAM. The difference between these two games is maps are smaller, Gameplays is short. If you want same gaming experience like PUBG Mobile then PUBG mobile lite is best for you.



Choosing one from the above list might be tough job for you. If you are unable to play PUBG Mobile due to storage problem and lag then be sure to check our articles to fix it. If you are unable to play PUBG Mobile for any reason, then we recommend you to try Call Of Duty and PUBG lite to gain same experience.

So, How was this list of Top 5 games like PUBG Mobile? guys which game are you going to play? Which game do you love the most? Be sure to share via comment section. Don’t forget to share this article to your friends and family.

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