PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular battle royale game in the mobile gaming industry. PUBG Mobile is more popular because it is free to play and almost everyone have smartphone. So, are you in trouble having a good game in PUBG? If it is then don’t worry, in this article we will give you top 5 pro tips to get chicken dinner in PUBG Mobile. While there are lot of tips and tricks out there, here are 5 of most important tips to help you grab chicken dinner easily.

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List of Top 5 pro tips to get chicken dinner in PUBG Mobile

1. Confirm your dropping location

For a better game, you must start a game with good beginning. Choosing where to drop out is the first dilemma which new PUBG players face. So, if you are tricky enough to kill people and secure yourself in crowd then you can drop in location like “pochinki” , “GeorgePool”, “Novo..” etc. if you are mid-level player then we recommend you to land on less crowded place like “Gatka “”, hospital, apartments near school, “Yasana Polyyana” etc. For extreme noob people we recommend to land in place where there are very little amounts of building.

2. Collect weapons and equipment wisely

Second important thing to make good gameplay in PUBG Mobile is to collect weapons and equipment wisely. Be sure to pick one assault rifle and one sniper. Collecting right attachments to right gun is most important thing when it comes to get chicken dinner. If you get guns like m416, Kar98k and 6X or 8X scope then there is more chance of winning the game. Consider picking the higher level of vest, helmets and bag. Make sure that you have enough energy drink, pain killer and first aid kit.

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3. Be a team player

If you are playing PUBG Mobile in squad or duo mode, then you must engage with your team. Talk to your teammate! The most communicating squad is always a winning squad. Share everything in the game with teammates like telling them when you spot enemy, when you see extra higher level bags, helmet and vest, when you are rushing in a house.

4. Take caution

Take caution while looting air drop and flare drop. Before looting a drop make sure that you check everyone in the nearer distance. If the way is clear you can go and loot the drop else you must wait for them. If you don’t like waiting grab a car, use smoke grenade, loot drop and run with your teammates.

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5. Practice

Not everyone is born with the skills of Shroud and there is no magic pill that make you pro overnight. Practice is most important things that new PUBG Mobile players should emphasize on. Know about the damage of most used guns, practice in arcade mode to sharpen your skills, watch live stream of pro players to gain knowledge from them.

I know these 5 tips are not enough to get chicken dinner in the game but I am sure that it will help to improve your game play. The continuous improvement in the game play leads to win the game. If you find these tips helpful be sure to share it with your friends.

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