Wi-Fi is one of the most important development with the evolution of the model technology. The thing that makes a perfect level headed person in-flame is slow internet. Such little muffle can create sudden bouts of range while you are using a web.  If you are plagued by slow speed, bad reception and other Wi-Fi issues that can make you feel like all hope is lost. Here are a few ways to make your Wi-Fi fast.

        1. Centralize and raise the router

Not all the places of your home is suitable to keep the router.  The place where you keep router in your home matter a big deal.  If you had placed your router in a far corners of your home you don’t get strong signal on the other end of the home. Placing it closed to metal object and appliances will also harm to emit electromagnetic waves. You can simply boost your Wi-Fi signal by elevating the router above the floor level.

2. Keep router updated

If it has been many year since you purchased your router/modem then it’s time to upgrade it.  You can heard about the growing large number of malware attacks which are costing different business organization and individual alike millions every year. Such attacks wouldn’t be possible with you if you keep your router updated.

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3. Get a high-gain Wi-Fi antenna

Most Wi-Fi routers come with single, small and weak antennas or two. They are not strong enough to send signal to far areas and distant corners. In comparison to the antenna that come with your router when you purchase it is just a few inch tall. Adding high gain antenna to your Wi-Fi router can fix the problem of weak strength of router. Moreover, it gives coverage over large areas and outdoor spaces too.

4. Try changing different Wi-Fi channel

Just like in TVs you can change your Wi-Fi channel. If you and your neighbors are using the same channel that may make both router slow to a crawl. To bring down interference from the neighbors’ Wi-Fi networking you can switch another channel according to the instructions on your specific router model. You can try different channel until you find the one which maintains the strong signal.

5. Make router secure

You can make your router secure by putting a password or limiting which devices can access your Wi-Fi network. It will keep Wi-Fi   moochers from slowing down your Wifi network.  Moreover, there are many other good reasons of securing your router beyond fast wifi speed.


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