Learning to code doesn’t going to university to get relevant degree. One can learn to code their own by taking help from books, e-books or online tutorials. Many people want to start coding but they don’t know how and where to start. It is very simple and obvious that you can start in your own room just opening up your computer and connecting to internet. Now, you can go through several books and sites that teach programming languages. To make that simple here, I am going to talk about top sites to learn programming languages which I had personally liked as a beginner.

Note: This list is not in order of preference so, you can choose any of these editor you prefer.

1. Edx


Edx is online education platform founded by MIT and Harvard. Edx has now become home for 20 million students worldwide. Edx is removing the problem of location and cost for the students. Not only for programming, Edx is great site for learning other stuffs too. You can learn and gain certificates free of cost through this site. However, you may have to pay for certificates in case of certain subjects.

2. Coursera


Coursera is another education platform built by two Computer Science professors from Stanford University. They built it so that education could be made easy. You can easily learn programming languages from this site as well for free from top universities and education providers. Not only programming languages this site also offers courses in various subject. However, you may have to pay amount for your certificate.

3. Codecademy


This is one of the well-known site where many beginners would love to go. It includes interactive learning. You read a bit, you code right away in the same browser and see results. Codecademy has served 45 million people from 179 different countries. This company claims that learners from Codecademy are working in big companies like facebook, Google, IBM, HUGE, Bloomberg. So what next, just login to codecademy and start learning.

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4. Sololearn

solo learn

Sololearn allows you to learn 13 different programming languages in mobile or web. Sololearn app is available for both android and iOS. The app is free to download and you can enjoy learning to code with interactive quizzes and achievements. About 30,000,000 of people are using this app to learn coding and almost all of them have a happy face.

5. Khan Academy

Khan Academy

Khan Academy offers interactive lessons and practice exercises. Khan Academy has partnered with institutions like MIT, NASA. You can learn variety of subjects not only programming languages from it. Many students prefer Khan Academy because of interactive lessons and exercises. The resources of Khan Academy is available in 36 languages so that you can learn in your preferred language.

These are the sites that I recommend for beginners to learn programming languages. You can share thoughts in comment section below and you can share in social media.

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